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The Scoop-AdMission| WebMD Heroes| Rx Drug App November 7, 2014

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If you’ve been wondering what’s possible for programmatic buying in healthcare–and where it’s headed sooner than later—I’m pleased to share this MM&M article featuring SVP, Buying Services & Deliverables Nicole Woodland-De Van. Nicole shares her insights on the game-changing buying solution referencing Compas’ AdMissionTM buying platform.

As promised, Senior Director, Insights & Analytics Leanne Smith shares takeaways from this week’s ad:tech conference and her panel on digital marketing mistakes. Those discussed include:

  • Spending too much time on metrics/analysis that isn’t actionable or doesn’t align with the businesses goals
  • Continuing to market to customers that are not profitable (high returns, high CS costs)
  • Poorly defined programmatic goals
  • Relying on an analyst to prove that the campaign succeeded
  • Not aligning media objectives and creative to goals
  • Lack of communication between partners
  • Poor design which prevents conversions
  • Forcing social media to work

Leanne adds, “The conference focused on the use of data and “datafication”.  Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Google were called out as companies that are getting it right.  Engineers and data scientists are the ‘new cool.’  They are no longer in a different building; CEOs turn to them. In the keynote ‘The Modern CMO and the Evolution of the Agency Relevancy’  panel which discussed the absolute need for CMOs to know and understand data, and that clients are looking for technological savvy creative partners to capitalize on data and personalize the creative.  I’m so thankful our CMO (Dr. Susan Dorfman) not only understands data, but also likes to get neck deep in it!  The panel on “The Internet of all Things Analytic” said the biggest hurdle to overcome with data is the ability to collect it all in one place together in a manner that you can act on.  This hurdle is one that CMI / Compas is actively working on, utilizing our ByDoctor platform.  For publishers, the key is transparency.  Speaking of publishers, during the panel ‘The Evolution of the Media Company’ digital and traditional publishers were represented from NBC, US News & World Report, Hearst Television, and Watchwith.  Most of the panelists agreed that the future of a media company is an audience company.  You need to use data to understand your audience.”

Thanks again to SEO Analyst David Hur for sharing what’s ahead for paid search. His takeaway: “Google and other search engines continue to work towards intuitive search to replace the older model of typing in specific search queries to find results based only on what was searched.  This intuitive search will track past behavior and regular activities to procure information valuable to the user.  This concept applies to the way people use their mobile devices.”

Some members of our teams enjoyed a special evening in NYC at the WebMD Heroes  gala. Director of Supplier Media Relations, Gazelle Afshari, shares: “It was a great event honoring WebMD’s Healthcare Heroes in their respective fields. The star-studded event hosted by GMA’s Robyn Roberts included Michael J. Fox whose foundation was the first Hall of Fame winner, Martha Stewart, Beth Stern, Carson Daly and others. Look at our Facebook page for some photos today.

This free app is designed to find users the least expensive options available in nearby pharmacies for their prescription drugs. Average savings are $35 for brand names and $15 on generic.

Looks like there is a new breakthrough in 3D printing. This article asks, “wouldn’t it be great if you could scan your own organs and 3D print them?” Well, I don’t know about that. But I love the evolution.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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