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The Scoop-Ambulance Drones| Micro-Scallops| The Pebble November 10, 2014

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An engineer has developed high-speed ambulance drones that can be stationed anywhere and fly above traffic, delivering first aid supplies almost immediately. Thanks to Lou Greisiger, Senior Marketing Analytics Analyst, for sharing.

Melissa Barnhart, formerly with WEGO Health, has recently joined us as VP, Media Director and is featured in this month’s MM&M Leadership Exchange discussing health-conscious Millennials and how to facilitate conversations with them online—knowing your audience and responding based on their preferences.

German scientists have discovered how to make teeny tiny robotic scallops that swim through fluids in the body, paving the way for advancements in this type of medical technology to deliver medicine or repair damaged cells.

Alla Taver, QA Analyst, sends us this interesting article reminding and encouraging consumers to shop around before ‘buying’ healthcare treatment.

Folks, today marks a very special edition of The Scoop as I’ll be sharing for the first time a report from one valued client, a self-proclaimed pseudo geeky debatably athletic thirty-something reviewer who has agreed to wear a Pebble Smart Watch we provided and report on it for all of you. Let’s start with the basics, and get excited to hear more about the tracker this week. He reports, “The watch itself is incredibly lightweight. If I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt I forget that I’m wearing it (I know, most people don’t realize they are wearing a watch after a while, but I typically wear a steel watch, so in comparison, it feels like there’s nothing there).  The downside is that it’s a bit bulky (especially in length), so when I do wear long sleeves, it doesn’t fit nicely under the cuff.  The other [tremendously aggravating] thing is that there is no ‘catch’ mechanism on the watch strap keeper (that little thing that keeps the watch strap from flapping around).  As a result the watch strap keeper slides to the side and, you guessed it, the watch strap flaps around!  This may not be a big deal for some, but I find it annoying.

The battery life is pretty good (IMO) for a device.  I can usually get 5 solid days of use out of a charge.  I would consider myself an average user; I do more than check the time, but I don’t spend hours playing games or reading news feeds (on the 1.26″ diagonal screen).  I couldn’t tell you how quickly it charges because I charge it at night, and monitoring a charge time just seems boring!  The charger is ‘Apple-esque’ in that it uses a magnetic connecting USB cable which is very nice.

The phone pairs effortlessly with my iPhone via bluetooth which allows me to see most everything I would realistically want to see on my wrist.  I can see who’s calling, read my text message, see my next appointment, etc. all from my wrist.”

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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