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The Scoop-Google’s Fight Against Ebola| Mylan and Disney| Wellable November 11, 2014

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The power of social media is being put into effect as Google joins Facebook with a campaign to raise funds to fight Ebola. Its goal is to raise $7.5 million.

Mylan and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts have signed an agreement to increase the awareness of and preparedness for severe allergic reactions among guests. The new plan involves EpiPens readily available at locations well-marked on park directories.

Experts are now predicting a significant drop in the estimated number of enrollees to the 2015 healthcare plan.

President Obama made a statement yesterday that has the interwebs talking.  He wants to keep the internet free and save net neutrality, with no compromises.  Mashable breaks down his plan here.

It’s Movember. Mustaches will be growing all across the country. If you plan on growing out your ‘stache to raise awareness for men’s health, this list might give you some inspiration.

Wellable is a platform that aggregates health data among employees and reports it to employers who incentive a healthy lifestyle.

We’re sharing more feedback from our Pebble reporter: Ever go to a wedding when your favorite team is playing and get yelled at for checking your phone to see the score?  Problem solved. The Pebble has you covered– scores via ESPN on your wrist!  Curious how your stocks are doing?  No problem, check them from your wrist (but you still have to trade them from your computer…at the moment). Ever wish your analogue watch had a digital look?  Yeah, probably not, but now you can make your digital watch look like an analoue, or a digital, or a clock, or a comic strip, or like many other things.  There are a lot of different watch faces that can be downloaded which will not only tell you the date and time, but also the weather, calendar appointments, and a host of other things.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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