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The Scoop-Silent Generation Prescribers| No Shave November| Gamification for Health Insurance November 12, 2014

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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Susan Dorfman has published a brief from the 2014 Media VitalsTM research focusing on the technology use of silent generation prescribers compared to their GEN X/Y counterparts. You can read the article here and learn more about Media VitalsTM by contacting your CMI/Compas representative or

Thanks to a fellow Scoop reader for sharing this No Shave November site, encouraging us to save the money we’d usually spend on hair grooming to donate to cancer awareness education.

Another patient model competes and wins, wearing a colostomy bag.

A Utah health plan has developed a gamified app to entice “young invincibles” to sign up for health coverage by warning them of the dangers and costs of being uninsured.

Many states are gearing up for open enrollment by improving their customer service support and technology.

Unhappy with some Instagram features?  They’ve made upgrades to search, editing, and explore.

Today’s Pebble report: The watch also has a pedometer built in, so you can get rid of the one you clip on your belt and look a little less geeky in the halls of the office.  While having a pedometer is convenient, the sensitivity could use some adjustments.  During the one night that I wore my watch throughout the night, I somehow accumulated a few dozen steps before I woke up.  Now, there is a small chance that I was sleepwalking and didn’t realize it, however, I’m thinking I probably moved my arm a few times and the watch thought I was actually walking.  Similarly, I usually rack up a few dozen steps (up to hundreds actually) on my 45-minute commute in the morning, most likely due to the bumpy ride through the well- maintained streets of NJ on the smooth tracks of NJ Transit.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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