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The Scoop-Fighting Ebola| Glowing Cancer Cells| Pharma News November 18, 2014

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Fear of the Ebola virus is crippling and understandably so. But just as scary is the fact that the Red Cross is facing challenges recruiting healthcare workers to combat the disease, stating that it’s been easier to send help to Iraq.

A new nanoparticle technology may take some of the guess work out of cancer treatment and deliver results faster by showing abnormalities in the form of glowing cancer cells.

GlaxoSmithKline, a data startup, and a sensor-making company have teamed up in a very small study with the goal “to show how technology can be used to enhance patient engagement and accelerate the pace of innovation in drug development.”

The FDA has granted approval on a new MS treatment manufactured by Genzyme.

The NY Times reports on a six-year-long study which showed promising results on an alternative treatment to statins for lowering cholesterol in patients at risk for heart attack and stroke.

Check out the new MICA smart bracelet with its built-in GPS, sapphire touchscreen, alerts, and other features. Plus it’s really perrty.

Our Pebble reporter tells us: Overall, if you’re in the market for a new watch, or you just want to be the person who has a smartwatch for $99 (the current price on Amazon) I would recommend the Pebble.  It has some great features and provides nice conveniences.  And hey, what better conversation starter than an image of a cat yawning on your wrist telling you it’s bedtime?!

If you already own a great watch and don’t plan to attend many game-time weddings (see The Scoop 11/11 for this inside joke), I don’t know that I would tell you to rush out and buy this quite yet.  I am keeping an eye on both the Fitbit Surge as well as the Apple watch.  Both of these watches are priced much higher but may offer some additional conveniences.  I’m also waiting for improvements to the Pebble.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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