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The Scoop-Get Mobile Optimized| Telemedicine| Keeping Covered November 20, 2014

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SEO Supervisor Mike Ranalli shares this Google update and his recommendation for what pharma needs to know:  “Google has already told advertisers that websites with mobile friendly websites are at an advantage in terms of rankings over their non-mobile counterparts. Now they are going a step further to test having separate rankings for mobile only. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it could be a huge game-changer for pharma websites that are not mobile optimized. This could mean that a pharma site that is not mobile optimized, but ranks #1 for a keyword on desktops, may not rank at all for mobile if it is not responsive or using a mobile website. This is a big opportunity for pharma to make the push to mobile, especially as more than half of online searches are happening there.”

Novartis is killing it with digital-based innovations in healthcare and the company is actively looking for a tech partner to help it keep making big moves.

A new article says telemedicine can help with Ebola treatment by enabling patients to be examined, interviewed, and monitored remotely while minimizing contact and protecting healthcare workers.  Speaking of telemedicine, this FierceHealth article explains how it has increased diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy by making examinations more convenient for patients. 


-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications





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