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The Scoop-Reaching HCPs Online| Wearables and Chronic Illnesses| Second Sight November 24, 2014

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 5:10 pm

Brett Marvel, Supervisor, Media shares today’s lead story–a very interesting piece published by NEJM discussing the growth of digital marketing tactics to physicians and, as a result, stricter policies recommended for managing this shift.

As wearable technology becomes more greatly accepted among both patients and healthcare providers, we all anticipate the natural progression of its use to help those with chronic medical illnesses.

Forbes reports on tech trends that medical futurists expect and caution the healthcare field to be prepared for.

After being blind for more than 20 years, this woman is able to see while wearing special glasses, a new technology created by company Second Sight. Thanks to Alya Sherman, SVP Alliance Management for this story.

Hospitals may reduce readmissions by optimizing patient flow.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications



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