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The Scoop-The Domain Conundrum| Anatomy in 3D|Frog Juice November 25, 2014

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Remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books? Imagine this: you are a brand manager about to launch a new product. Do you create one website for your HCP and consumer audiences expecting them to navigate and find what matters to them? Or do you create separate domains to deliver relevant messages to your audiences. In this thought piece, Mike Ranalli, SEO Supervisor and Andrew Miller, Associate Director of SEM provide rationale for creating separate websites with their recommendations to brand teams for search optimization.

3D imaging technology allows doctors to have a real-time hologram view of a patient’s anatomy and even interact with it. Doctors can “view the image floating in the air from a wide angle” to improve surgery.

As black Friday gets closer, your list gets longer and longer, right?  If you have a tablet or TV on your list, this article tracks digital and mobile trends you should be looking out for.

It’s said to cure asthma, bronchitis, and sluggishness. And it’s made from frogs. Thanks (I think) to Marketing Associate, Theresa Heintz for sharing.

Bored with your job title? Look here.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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