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The Scoop-Pharma is a Resource| Tableau| The Social Conference-Goer| iMedia Day 1 December 8, 2014

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When patients are diagnosed with diabetes, physicians may not always be their best resource for education due to lack of time. In this thought piece, Morgan Moerder, Media Planner explains how pharma can be a resource to diabetes patients and their physicians.

Across industries, viewability is moving to become the new standard for measuring value for Display campaigns, and multiple factors can affect how successfully publishers deliver viewable impressions. Maryanne Ackershoek, Campaign Analytics Supervisor, shares this recent post and infographic noting that the Display advertising industry is moving toward a new value model based on viewable impressions instead of impressions served.

Supervisor, Insights and Analytics, Andrew Richardson, provides us with this Tableau trends update and his commentary: “Tableau is a tool that we use to help see and understand the millions of points of data at our disposal in order to optimize campaigns and provide best in market service to our clients. It has allowed us to analyze our client data more quickly, in turn providing recommendations to optimize campaigns, creating greater efficiencies, and ultimately delivering best in class analytics to our partners. Combining Tableau with tools such as our Social Listening tool gives us an additional layer of data to help our clients better understand what topics are top-of-mind for their patients and HCPs.” To learn more about the trends we’re watching, contact Andrew.

Paulette McCarron, SVP, Media is featured in this month’s issue of PM360 with her insights on how to engage the social conference-goer. “As an industry, we need better tools to determine who actually interacted with our messages and if the engagement led to valuable and measurable behavior.” Amen.

As promised, Alya Sherman, SVP, Alliance Management reports on what the digital elite at the iMedia Agency Summit are talking about: “The Aspen group kick-off day at iMedia is an all-agency day and, while what usually happens on the first day at iMedia stays at iMedia, we just couldn’t help but share the great topics discussed. Digital Media Agency rock stars came to together to discuss the future of our industry and, as you can expect, here is what bubbled up to the top: Programmatic, Culture and Talent.”

Programmatic: More to come on this, but think Linear TV and Video on Demand.

Culture: it is not about forced fun but about people and teams who buy into the WHY and not the HOW.  Hire a “Happiness Coordinator” and understand the teams, not the departments.

Talent: The team debated which is better–hiring from the outside or training and grooming existing staff?  Guess what was suggested, and I love it?  Let’s leverage our awesome supplier partners to educate our teams! Hello!

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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