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The Scoop-iMedia Day 2| Walgreens and MDLive| Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment December 9, 2014

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Michelle Potts, Senior Director Buying Services & Analytics brings us a recap of yesterday’s iMedia Agency Summit: “@iMedia is in full swing as the suppliers joined all of the agency folks today. We discussed the role of the agency as trusted advisor to clients helping them navigate the complexity and nuances of the digital landscape, using the right technology and right channels.

There was a focus on content and the role the brand can play as publisher by creating content that is more engaging and relevant. This is especially important in programmatic where the content should be targeted and relevant allowing the customer to feel empowered. Programmatic buying was another large focus today. Programmatic is the future of marketing and it is available NOW. Top brands are aiming to buy a majority of digital media programmatically. This will translate to over 50% of all digital display ads purchased automatically and $10 billion in programmatic spend in 2015.  Programmatic is driven by the industry complexities such as how to target cross devices and eliminate waste. It was noted that programmatic media is not necessarily less expensive, but more efficient based on brand lift. It shows a higher brand consideration and raises the intent to buy. With the rise of programmatic, pharma and agencies need to focus on viewability, eliminating fraud and measurement. With the measurement comes a lot of and clients expecting agencies to provide a cohesive story explaining WHAT the plan did.”

Not surprisingly, ‘programmatic’ is the word of the year.  We know a little something about the topic- check this and this out.

Walgreens has announced a deal with telemedicine company MDLive to give its customers 24/7 access to physicians using digital technology.

A small but promising trial shows results that seem to be helping Hodgkin Lymphoma patients when other treatments have failed.

This insurance startup will give you a wearable and reward you for hitting fitness goals.

A new smart bike gives directions, tracks performance, and converts kinetic into electrical energy to generate its own power.

Apple has named its top apps of 2014. What were your favorites?

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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