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The Scoop-iMedia Day 3| Mobile Search Spend| Apple is Fancy December 10, 2014

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Michelle Potts, Senior Director Buying Services and Deliverables reports from the last day of the iMedia Agency Summit: “Yesterday offered a lot of discussion around viewability. The focus on viewability is to create a reduction in waste and get better attribution models. Agencies and clients should be measuring their current viewability, understanding the optimal viewability goal for each campaign and then working with suppliers who are guaranteeing viewability and optimizing to get closer to 100%.The current MRC standard of 50% of pixels displayed for more than one second is increasing with some clients demanding 100%.  The conversation moved further that viewabilty is not enough on its own. The start should be viewability with a move towards exposure time and interactivity. Attention is truly the currency of brand marketing.

We also discussed Millennials and how advertisers need to shift their approach when targeting to this generation. They are driven by social media. On social, don’t shout your message but rather tell a story and get them engaged. The generational attitude of media options, shared attention and consensus with customization, makes influencer marketing the new mainstream. This came through with a panel of 3 vine celebrities including @gingerwesson (account and @EhBeeFamily (account They talked about how content is what makes success on this medium as with any form of media. When a message is clearly brand-driven it does not resonate with the audience.”

SEO Supervisor, Mike Ranalli shares this Search Engine Land article looking at the dollars spent on mobile PPC and SEO. Next year they will surpass what is spent on desktop. By 2018, roughly 77% of spend on these channels is expected to be dedicated to mobile. Mike’s takeaway:  “Mobile is where conventional consumers are searching, but consumers and HCPs are also looking there for health related information. Although this article doesn’t speak specifically to the healthcare industry, we know that the trends we see across the Internet will surface in our industry. This is especially true as third party websites such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic and others continue to develop and optimize their mobile presence.”

Apple is hiring retail workers with a fashion or luxury background for its launch of the Apple Watch–because the watch is faaancy.

A blood test may soon be available to diagnose breast cancer in early stages. In related news, researchers are experimenting with an injection of programmable biomaterial  that may support immune cells and attack harmful cells to prevent cancer and other diseases.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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