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The Scoop-The Sunshine Act and Reprints| Obama and Stephen Colbert| Breast Cancer Studies December 15, 2014

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Joanne Brogden, Reprint Account Supervisor, shares highlights and must-knows the team garnered from an Elsevier webinar focusing on the Sunshine Act. “Many of our clients take individual stances on how to calculate the value of a reprint, however, Dr. John Kamp, Executive Director of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication, explained that the industry standard is to take the total value of the reprint purchase and divide by the quantity ordered.  Compas adopted this formula when the legislation was first introduced and uses it when reporting the value of a reprint for every order we process for our clients (unless otherwise instructed by the client).”

Other highlights:

·         Major areas of concern include the agency’s plan to eliminate CME exemption

·         In PA, bipartisan legislation to exempt medical textbooks, journals, and indirect payments that pharma and device manufacturers offer to CME providers (H.R. 5539)

·         CMS rules requiring textbooks, supplements, and reprints be reported—yet there was no mention of this in the legislation

·         The CMS process cannot handle the large volume of reprints needing approval—results are distorted

·         These requirements will impede information flow on innovative products and treatments, negatively impacting patient care

 A coalition of concerned stakeholders, all of whom support the congressionally intended goals of the Sunshine Act, has mobilized to reinforce Congress’ original intent for Educational Exclusion.   Those include the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, 45 State Medical Societies, 60+ Medical Specialty Societies and 50+ Medical Publishers.   

Know your audience and serve them messages where they want to receive them. In an effort to raise awareness of his Affordable Care Act, President Obama appeared on The Colbert Report, “taking a shot at Stephen’s job”, delivering The Decree, and connecting with the younger generation to help them understand their options.

Studies show that new, shorter courses of radiation in early-stage breast cancer treatment may be as effective as longer treatments.

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year! We’ll be enjoying each other’s company at our annual year-end celebration. To accommodate travel, our offices will close early. Please include your contact info in your out of office message to clients. If your contacts want to see what we’re all wearing, they can look for us on Facebook.  Have a wonderful weekend.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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