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The Scoop-Digital Ad Verification Whitepaper | Photo Doggies for Anthony| Good News in Health January 6, 2015

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 5:00 pm

Our team of analytics experts recently updated this whitepaper  titled What Pharma Marketers Need to Know about Ad Verification, sharing with you why it’s critical to understand fraudulent ad traffic and the importance of viewability.  If you need a refresh on this topic, contact us.

Hooray for good will, social media, and cute dogs. A young cancer patient has been receiving dog photos via Facebook to lift his spirits. I suspect that a few of our own CMI/Compas dog-loving folks have sent photos his way. It’s awesome when the power of social media is used for good.

New experimental treatment shows encouraging results in ALS patients.

Software in development may help scientists figure out what makes bacteria resistant to medicine, offering hope of treatment for millions of infections.

Panasonic has unveiled a new transparent window display concept. While its installation is first planned for stores and offices, you’ll see it can pretty much turn any flat space into advertising real estate. We’ll watch to see what Panasonic does with this idea in the near future.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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