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The Scoop-CES15 Day 2| Infections and Antibiotics| 3D Printing for Animals January 8, 2015

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Michele Sirkin, Director, Media shares this robust report from CES on what trends and cool tech to watch for: “I had the opportunity to attend the Digital Health Summit. This event uses keynotes and speaker panels to explore how digital tools are reinventing and reshaping the health industry. One of the hottest topics of the day was, of course, wearables. This marketplace is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the vast presence on the show floor. Interestingly, nobody has yet been able to figure out how to best integrate and interpret the vast amount of data collected from wearables. This will become increasingly important for both clinical purposes and preventive medicine in the future.  However, there is growing concern over the security of this personal data.

Another hot topic today was telemedicine. This growing trend enables patients to meet with doctors via phone or computer, and is gaining popularity because of convenience and cost. We got to see a demo of the touted platform Doctor on Demand, which has been making headlines thanks to one of its famous cofounders.

The 2nd Annual Everyday Health Awards for Innovation were also announced at the Summit.  Below are some of the big winners:

STEMP – Thermometer patch

Quikiks – Hands-free line of footwear

SingFit PRIME – Cognitive and physical stimulation program for a fully engaging mind/body workout

LifeLearn Sofie – Treatment support tool for veterinarians that assists them in making quick, evidence-based decisions

Cologuard – Noninvasive, stool-based DNA colorectal cancer screening test.”

New research suggests that chilly weather really might be the cause of the common cold. Thanks to Alla Taver, InfoCures QA Analyst, for spreading this story around.

In more antibiotic news, extracting bacteria from dirt may result in powerful new antibiotics to fight infections that are otherwise resistant to medicine.

3D printing opens a new world of possibilities for disabled pets.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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