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The Scoop-Great Expectations| Telemedicine| The Flu January 14, 2015

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SVP, Customer Development Robert Kadar shares this thought-provoking audio program from the weekly broadcast This American Life. While it discusses a host of amazingness in healthcare, the story is rooted in that of a greatly independent blind man who uses bat-like echolocation instinct to navigate his surroundings. In this recording, he shares his belief that having higher expectations can empower people to do great things in their lives, as embracing his own challenge has done for himself. Correlated to the placebo effect in healthcare when patients report reduction in symptoms and improvements in their conditions despite receiving no actual treatment, we are challenged with a surprising question: can blind people see if they believe they can? This audio recording is 60 minutes long, but well worth it.

Telemedicine is officially having its moment thanks to improved basic technology, EHR, and plain old just getting used to it. Patient convenience and reduced costs are driving this trend, and we expect to see more from it as healthcare service and tech continue to evolve together.

Mount Sinai Health System researchers say a universal, long-lasting flu vaccine is close to becoming reality. This is a critical discovery as we’ve watched this year’s flu reach scary epidemic levels.

Unexplained cases of limb paralysis among children are baffling experts as they study to see if there is a connection to the Enterovirus 68.

Big health data will transform healthcare.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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