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The Scoop – Facebook’s Super Bowl Strategy | Measles at Disney | NP Numbers Up January 23, 2015

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Advertising’s biggest event, the Super Bowl, is coming! Facebook is looking to grab up as much ad revenue as possible with a pretty kickin strategy to find not just football fans but the entire Super Bowl audience, as AdWeek explains: “Starting on Wednesday, Facebook will track the status updates and comments people post to the social network for keywords related to the Super Bowl. People who post something Super Bowl-related will be added to an audience pool — and the aggregated data will be anonymized — alongside the more than 50 million people who interacted with Super Bowl-related content on Facebook last year. Advertisers will be able to buy ads against Facebook’s Super Bowl audience leading up to and during the Super Bowl, which will take place on February 1.” Wait, did they say Feb. 1? I better get started on Kuper Bowl party planning.

Ughhhh come on people. California’s anti-vaxxers have turned the happiest place on earth into a danger zone.

There are now about 205,000 NPs in the US. How many are on your lists?

For middle-of-the-night emergency care, 44% still prefer to go to the ER, but 21% would rather do a video check-in, 17% prefer a nurse call line, and 5% would first try an online symptom checker, says a Harris Interactive poll.

Video seems to be the next step in native advertising, particularly for Facebook, which has been increasingly using the medium for native ads since the end of 2014. eMarketer reports that Facebook seems to see this as a major revenue generator.

In Finland, expectant moms are given a box of supplies to welcome their babies. It’s interesting to see how the box’s contents have changed over time and with trends, such as recently excluding bottles to encourage breastfeeding and reintroducing cloth diapers. Thanks to Natalie Maiuri, Associate Manager, Strategic Alliances for this story. I asked a friend who is from Finland (she’s also a mom and a nurse) to comment on this, and she shared: “These boxes are well loved and appreciated. They are an institution in Finland. …The Finnish society in general strives for equality, or to at least provide a good start and equal opportunities for everyone independent of their background. This is one initiative towards that goal, as are the good, universal health care system, strong public schools and free education at universities with non-loan financial assistance. Coming from that background the American mentality where it is so hard to establish something basic like a better health care system is almost impossible to understand.”

Side effects of birth control pills push a significant percentage of women to seek alternate forms of birth control including IUDs, according to an article shared by Campaign Analyst Elizabeth Speak.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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