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The Scoop – Patient Opinion Leaders | No-Bed Hospitals | Medical Drones January 29, 2015

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Today’s Scoop is truly the result of collaboration. Dan Adams, Media Supervisor, shared this article on Patient Opinion Leaders (POLs), and he explained, “Patients have become increasingly educated and empowered when it comes to their healthcare treatment. Now, with the increased ability to share experiences, both good and bad, it’s not surprising to see the emergence of ‘POLs.’  Already some of our clients are exploring ways to engage these POLs, even discussing the possibility of including a patient representative as part of KOL roundtable discussions.  Companies who are able to meaningfully engage POLs will have a great advantage in the patient community.”

Campaign Analyst Liz Speak shared this inspiring and amazing story, and she notes, “They say practice makes perfect, but how do surgeons practice if they need to perform a complex surgery they have only read about in books when the hands on application is rare? At Boston’s Children’s Hospital 3D printing is being used to help surgeons practice without having to do it for the first time on a patient. A 3D printed skull of a 19 month old with a Tessier cleft was printed to allow her surgeons to be able to come up with the best way to make specific cuts allowing them perform the best surgery they can for the patient.

Chapter 9 of “The Patient Will See You Now; The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands” focuses a lot on the changing – or non-changing – role of the physician. He points out that healthcare today is being strongly influenced by tech capabilities, such as being able to instantly connect with a HCP in a virtual visit; he also points out that many older doctors are unwilling to go this route. It’s interesting to consider how things will change with technology, and two recent announcements (brought to me by Karima Sharif) point to more of what’s possible – Philly’s Jefferson is rolling out video visits, and Miami’s Children’s is pushing mobile apps. In fact in Topol’s book he talks about the trend of some hospitals to aim to have no beds except in the ICU.

In the future, emergencies may be attended to by fast-moving medical drones rather than ambulances. A video featuring an innovative student who is working on the prototype shows how this might work. Thanks to Alla Taver, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, for this story.

The latest in the Disneyland measles debacle: families who were not even at Disneyland are exposed when children who were at Disneyland and were not vaccinated then visit the pediatrician. One mom speaks out, saying “Their choice endangered my child…You’re basically relying on society but not giving back.” Indeed those who can’t vaccinate, including new babies and immunosuppressed children, need to be the ones relying on herd immunity. Thanks to our Christo Rey intern Jada for this story – in fact, she shared quite a few stories and she is awesome.

A team of animators will be re-creating this year’s Super Bowl ads with Legos.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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