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The Scoop – The Great NPP Shift | FDA Reform Bill | Super Bowl Ad of the Day January 30, 2015

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You down with NPP? Because non-personal promotion (NPP) today really is personal, and a new feature article in MM&M illustrates this point with my best friend Jim Woodland, COO, who explains how our industry has shifted. Perhaps it needs a new name. Non-personal promotion tactics ranging from digital to print and beyond are today moving from secondary tactic to one that often makes first-line sense, and Jim explains to MM&M that we use data (including our own Media Vitals) and other resources to know how to allocate the media mix.  This is a major shift in the way we market – are you on board?

A new bill in Congress that will heavily impact FDA puts patients’ voices at the forefront, and if it’s approved will be the most significant healthcare reform since ACA. The bill focuses mainly on the clinical review process, aiming to make it faster and to include patient input and more clarification around social media marketing. But – will the bill pass? Thanks CMIO Susan Dorfman for this story.

The way patients’ minds work is incredibly complex, and illustrated by two interesting new studies. One study shows that the placebo effect is stronger when people think their medication is more expensive (thanks Robert Kadar, SVP Customer Development for the story. Another study found that when doctors and patients have negative communication, patients’ symptoms worsen.

This Disneyland thing is crazypants. At current count about 95 people have contracted measles, and thousands have been affected. If you don’t mind curse words and want a sanity check, watch this Penn & Teller pro-vaccine clip.

Great Super Bowl ad of the day: Snickers – you’re just not yourself when you’re hungry.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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