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The Scoop – Super Bowl Winner | Data Sharing | #MobiWebinar Learnings February 2, 2015

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This year’s Super Bowl winner: dads. Making nice to dads – rather than portraying them as silly – seemed to be the focus of choice for many ads, including those for Dove and Toyota. I was going to ask my husband what he thought of the ads but I kid you not, it seemed each time one was on he was either dealing with a diaper or getting one of the kids ready for bed. But alas, the Super Bowl – and the excitement of the ads – has come and gone. What’s next? Many of us will be working off those hot wings training for the Broad Street Run. If you want to join our team, reach out to my colleague Adam Scott Roberts or respond to this email.

Confusing Super Bowl ad of the day: this ad makes me cry happy tears and want to eat handfuls of chocolate…but it’s for Budweiser?

Thanks to Andrew Richardson, Supervisor, Insights & Analytics, for sharing this story, as he explains: “Data sharing, data governance, and what to DO with that data are all issues facing companies today. And it’s not just with regards to clinical trial data.”

Karima Sharif, Exec. Director, Media and Advanced Audience Engagements, attended #MobiWebinar and shared key takeaways – her excellent notes are bulleted below – as well as summing up what’s critical for us to know; if you’d like more data related to this webinar, please email me:

Brian and Ryan did an amazing job hosting the webinar on Digital Health Trends for 2015 and if I had to sum up the conversation it would that 2015 is the year of Healthcare Transformation. With the recent approvals from CMS on CPT coding for non-face-to-face visits to the FDA furthering the transformation of medical devices to include appropriate wearables, we are transforming into a healthcare revolution centered around “patient centricity”.

Patients are driving these changes, whether they are Boomers or Millennials. Patients are looking for healthcare that easily integrates into their lifestyles, not just as one-off interaction. As Brian mentioned, wearables are becoming more lifestyle agnostic and not just fitness and wellness devices (i.e. use your watch for tracking physical activity and setting your home’s alarm system).

And HCPs are preparing themselves to help service their patients in the way they want to be serviced. For instance, our Media Vitals data reports that 48% of HCPs already communicate with their patients via email or text and 38% are remotely monitoring their patients. Additionally, 39% of HCPs feel that wearable technologies /apps can help manage the health of their patient population.

Patient communication and lifestyle needs are driving Healthcare Transformation for 2015 and pharma can assist in the journey!

Top Digital Trends for 2015- speaker Brian

1- Reimbursement- CMS has approved CPT coding for none face to face care (i.e. video visits)…Year of telehealth and more!

a. Ties nicely into value based care and video/virtual office visits

2- More FDA Regulations- FDA has already published two drafts: 1) wellness devices/apps vs. medical devices and 2) wellness devices approved as medical devices (i.e. AliveCor ECG slowly adding functionality)

3- Video Visits- “64% of patients are willing to have video visits with doctors”…stay tuned for virtual ER rooms and more!

4- Funding- “Venture Funding of digital health companies have surpassed $4B in 2014, nearly equivalent to prior 3 years combined”…expect more from wearables becoming more lifestyle and not just wellness (i.e. use watch for tracking physical activity and setting your home’s alarm system)

5- Lastly, Start-ups- “Breakout healthcare start-up will emerge in the consumer consciousness”…more digital health platforms to help connect patient data across providers and personal trackers.

Key takeaways from Ryan were:

Industry Transformation that is relying on convergence of Technology, Healthcare and Business

Technology Advancements

—Continuous health data stream

—Growth of connected clinical devices

— Consumer adoption and data sharing

Healthcare Delivery

—Telehealth extending the point of care

—Telemedicine to combat chronic disease

— Interoperability and data integration

Business Dynamics

— Investment capital and funding

— Reimbursement models for telehealth (CMS/CPT codes)

— Strategic partnerships (i.e. Walgreens and MDlive, Google and BlueStar and Kaiser’s arm in innovation)

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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