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The Scoop – Google Penguin Explained | Programmatic and HCP Planning | Sell Your…What? February 3, 2015

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Penguin is Google’s latest algorithm update affecting how websites rank in organic search, and our own David Hur, SEO Analyst, explains in this POV what you need to know.

This article shared by David Hur explains the benefits of programmatic buying, and Media Director Ricky Xue explains: “As programmatic buying is an essential part of consumer digital media, offering targeting and efficiency, pharma HCP media is catching up quickly. As AdMission continues to build its cookie pool, it enables pharma marketers to target specific HCPs within endemic and non-endemic content environment in real time across multiple devices.” Indeed we’re the only one who offers a service like it in our industry.

The end of Dr. Eric Topol’s “The Patient Will See You Now; The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands” gets to the “so what” of the matter – we know the healthcare system is a mess, we know technology offers a lot of options, so what do we do about it? Topol is no stranger to controversy and a frenemy of pharma, so I was surprised that his solution was not pharma-negative, and pretty holistic. He explained that it’s up to every group involved – doctors, patients, government, etc. – to change, but that each will really need to change dramatically. He also underscores that although technology could take the place of a lot of what a doctor does, it’s still critical that doctors are involved and have a major role in healthcare.  In the final chapter he also explains that the most important scientist in healthcare today is the data scientist – the valuable person who knows how to look at data for trends that can point to better treatments and even cures. [I’m looking for my next book to review for Scoop – if you have a recommendation please email me!]

Awesome campaign of the day – Sweden’s official Twitter handle has a unique voice; each week a different citizen gets to run the account. As the award-winning campaign celebrates its third anniversary, hear about the pros and cons in this NPR story.

Bizarre story of the day – you can make money by selling your poo for fecal transplants. Kindergarten giggles aside, it’s this sort of outside of the box thinking that could lead to better treatments for some pretty serious medical conditions.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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