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The Scoop – Patient-Doctor Communication | Virtual Reality Becoming Reality | Facebook’s Legacy Contact February 13, 2015

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A new Salesforce survey found that patient-doctor communication between visits is still mostly offline (phone and even mail) versus digital, and that most patients are not particularly happy with the level of communication that happens outside of the doctor’s office.

Researchers have found that using an avatar can make you feel and act like that avatar – even if they have a completely different personality from yours, and even if you use it only for a few minutes. For example, watching an avatar of you exercise makes you more likely to exercise. You can also use it to overcome phobias. So what else is possible? Thanks to VP Product Development Karel Lahmy (and his avatar) for this story.

Facebook users can now select a ‘legacy contact’ who will manage their account when they die.

Vaccine story of the day: pediatric cancer patients and their families are speaking out against the anti-vaccine movement.

Big news if you’ve ever wanted to bring your phone from one carrier to another – a regulation goes into effect this week that requires US carriers to unlock phones, making them available for use with any carrier.

Valentine’s love story of the day: First he got her kidney, then he got her heart. “Ashley McIntyre donated her kidney to a total stranger a year ago. Now she’s engaged to her kidney recipient, and their baby is due in June,” reports ABC. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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