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The Scoop – Native Ad on Cover of Forbes | Apple’s Formerly Health iWatch | Iodine’s Medication Review Crowdsource February 17, 2015

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Forbes has put a native ad on the cover of its latest issue. I repeat: Forbes has put a native ad on the COVER of its latest issue.

Apple’s watch, which is set to hit stores in April, was originally conceived as a health tool, but health apps were just too difficult. Venture Beat and Wall Street Journal report: “Initially, Apple wanted to created [sic] a gadget that monitored users’ heart rate, blood pressure and stress. But the various sensors that Apple tried over the years failed to provide reliable information due to issues like hairy arms and dry skin, the WSJ says. Ultimately, those bigger ambitions were abandoned.”

Iodine, the startup brainchild of Thomas Goetz, has launched a new feature allowing consumers to review and rate medication. An email from the company yesterday said: “Your experience, in all its ups and downs, can inform other people’s choices. We’re asking you to help us create something new: A rich resource that helps people understand their options by seeing what has worked – and what hasn’t – for people like themselves.”

If the snow is getting you down, think spring! An update from Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media and Team BSR organizer: “The 2015 Broad Street Run Lottery results are in! Our second annual ‘running of Broad’ race day is right around the corner. It may be snowy, cold and in the thick of winter today but day light savings and spring are right around the corner. Our 2015 sponsor is WebMD/Medscape. Time to lace up and start training.”

Super fun time-suck of the day: ad execs choose their favorite SNL spoof ads. What’s your favorite?

Bummer of the day: the FAA’s new restrictions won’t allow Amazon to deliver via drones. Guess I’ll have to wait an extra few days for my purchases.

This is a helpful guide on how hashtags work on different social networks.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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