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The Scoop – ePharma Summit Diamonds in the Rough | 7 Deadly Sins of Product Launches | Banner Ads February 19, 2015

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On Feb. 24 (that’s right, next Tuesday), SVP Media Paulette McCarron will be presenting at the ePharma Summit “Diamonds in the Rough: Strategically Target Underserved Prescribers to Move Your Brand’s Promotional Needle.” If you’ll be at the conference, don’t miss it. We’ll also be sharing key takeaways on Twitter.

On a related note – of the “seven deadly sins of product launches,” the ones that resonated most with me centered around doing things as they’ve always been done; it’s an interesting reminder of how important it is to try new things in marketing, to change as your audience changes. Thanks to Account Supervisor Denise Rivera for this story.

Here’s 5+ reasons banner ads rock: building awareness (great for unbranded campaigns), targeting (especially if you’re also using programmatic, amiright?), uniqueness of size, cost efficiency (and who isn’t looking for that these days), viewability and privacy. Thanks to Sr. Director, Insights & Analytics Leanne Smith for this story.

How to measure and – most importantly – relieve suffering has become a physician priority across many organizations. And to achieve this, they’re analyzing data collected from patient evaluations. Thanks to Exec. Director, Customer Insights Jose Ferreira for this story.

Virtual reality seems to be the next big thing, with Facebook, Samsung, Apple and others all in development to bring some sort of VR to consumers.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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