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The Scoop – 23andMeandFDA | RIP Google Helpouts | Wearable Banana February 20, 2015

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Happy Friday! Big win for 23andMe, as Reuters reports, the company: “…won U.S. approval on Thursday to market the first direct-to-consumer genetic test for a mutation that can cause children to inherit Bloom syndrome, a rare disorder that leads to short height, an increased risk of cancer and unusual facial features.” While this is just one capability of their technology, it seems like a good step toward more FDA approvals.

Google has announced it is killing off Helpouts, and Karima Sharif, Exec. Director, Media and Advanced Audience Engagements, comments on what this means for our industry: “I totally agree with the last thoughts of the writer, ‘It’s possible that the once-promising Helpouts was just ahead of its time, for health-related services anyway,’ which I believe it to be very true! Helpout was a way to jump start tele-health in modern times with a trusted source (i.e. Google); however, it only focused on the technology. It just shows that tele-health is more than just technology. I believe that the success of tele-health will be driven by patient preferences with an orchestrated effort of all stakeholders, including Providers and Payers so that patients can close the loop on their choice of preference, yet it will be fueled by technology.”

Speaking of Google, here’s 8 ways the company is getting into health – including some we knew (their anti-aging quest and those cool context lenses) and some we didn’t (a cancer- and heart attack-detecting pill?)

Facebook has just patented a technology that would allow them to identify influencers and then allow brands to advertise just to them.

A cocktail of three breast cancer drugs has been shown to extend patients’ lives an average of 16 months and is being widely adopted as standard therapy. Thanks to Associate Media Planner Michael Birnbaum for this story.

And in this week’s innovation news:

  • The Oral B smart toothbrush lets you share your stats with your dentist.
  • The Spark watch, invented by a high school student, wakes you up if you fall asleep during the day.
  • Your next smartphone may have wheels.
  • Finally! A fitness-tracking banana.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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