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The Scoop – ePharma Summit Begins | Patient-Designed Clinic | Bionic Eye February 24, 2015

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Keep your eyes on Twitter today for the highlights of SVP Media Paulette McCarron’s ePharma Summit presentation,“Diamonds in the Rough: Strategically Target Underserved Prescribers to Move Your Brand’s Promotional Needle.”

Imagine this – a clinic designed by patients, rather than by HCPs. The doctors wear jeans rather than white coats and leave their diplomas off the walls. One doctor has done this, and her clinic has a 5-year wait list. She explains: “Patients don’t really care how many certificates you have on your walls. What people want is five more minutes of your time. They really just want you.” Could this be the future of medicine?

A bionic eye has allowed a blind man to see again, and your eyes won’t be dry if you watch the video of him seeing his wife for the first time (see what I did there?)

Understanding your audience win of the day: Google Maps has started to show gas stations on their route.

IUDs have risen in popularity again.

Exposing babies to peanuts can help them avoid peanut allergy, and a new patch could help those who are already allergic to withstand small amounts of exposure.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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