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The Scoop – Why Publishers Are Smiling | Google’s Red Label | Apple Watch First Look February 26, 2015

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Journal publishers are benefitting from channel-agnostic diversification, according to a story in MM&M that points to a significant rise in print spending, as well as digital. “As to why 2014 was so strong, one industry watcher believes the answer is threefold. First, there was an increase in new product launches. Second, following marketers’ initial stampede away from print toward anything digital and/or shiny, there has been a realization that a balanced, integrated media mix—which includes print—is the best approach. Third, and most telling of all, is the increased availability of effective cross-media packages to advertisers. Journal content can be consumed in a lot of different ways, and publishers have been working hard to develop effective packages for advertisers. It’s an approach that seems now to be paying off.”

Google’s latest, from Brian Cox, SEO Supervisor: There is a test Google is running in search results that displays a red ‘slow’ label next to sites they find that load to slow. This is even more reason to re-visit your page load speed and work to improve load times wherever possible. The biggest wins would come from optimizing images, javascript files and css files. I can definitely see traffic dropping for sites that get labeled as ‘slow’ in search results. And who knows, potentially rankings dropping as well.

But that’s not all! Google also will be converting Flash ads to HTML5 automatically, and Jessica Krader, Associate Media Planner, explains: Flash ads will be automatically converted to HTML5 within Google AdWords – which means that flash ads will be fully interactive on all devices and we can now expect to see mobile & app impressions from flash ads.

Common food additives have been linked to Crohn’s disease and colitis according to a new study.

Apple has chosen fashion magazines to offer a first look at the Apple Watch, according to images leaked on Instagram.  Apple also this week launched its racially diverse emoji and more languages for Siri (thanks to our Christo Rey intern Jada for this story.)

Facebook has partnered with suicide-prevention groups to support a new feature that allows users to press a button on a friend’s Facebook page to raise an alert that that friend is at risk.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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