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The Scoop – HBA Woman of the Year | The Dress: White & Gold or Blue & Black | Content Marketing Win February 27, 2015

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Huge congratulations to the honorees so far announced in this year’s HBA Woman of the Year event:

  • Woman of the YearDenice Torres, president of McNeil Consumer Healthcare—a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson
  • HBA Honorable Mentor – Stuart Sowder, PharmD, JD, MBA, vice president of external medical communications at Pfizer
  • STAR (Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition) – Carol Wells, senior director of commercial training and development at Genentech, a member of the Roche Group

The brain-tricking dress – is it white & gold, or blue & black? The dress that has sparked viral discussion can be explained in this way: “The answer, involves how light enters the eye and the split-second decisions your brain makes upon discerning that information — without you even noticing. When confronted by an ambiguous situation like this dress, your brain may eliminate one color and focus on another. ‘Our visual system is supposed to throw away information,’ University of Washington neuroscientist Jay Neitz told Wired.” What’s freaking me out is that while writing this summary I saw it both ways – in the same photo. Yeek.

Apple is holding a secret event on March 9. Hmm…

Google Play – the non-Apple app store – is piloting having ads in its search function. (Thanks Justin Freid, VP Search & Emerging Media, for this story.)

Doctors have found that inserting a device that puts pressure on the top of the stomach may be a cheaper, easier and more effective alternative to bariatric surgery. The idea came when a doctor was trying an alternative treatment to correct bad effects of a patient after her bariatric surgery. Could this be the end to obesity? (Thanks to COO Jim Woodland for this story.)

Content marketing win of the day: my daughter subscribes to National Geographic Kids, and her favorite part of the magazine – no lie – is the ad placed by Pepperidge Farm for Goldfish, which is styled like a comic book page.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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