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The Scoop – Our Analytics on #TheDress | Jimmy Kimmel’s PSA | Wireless Charging at Ikea March 2, 2015

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We couldn’t stop talking about #TheDress on Friday – an internal poll showed only 50% saw it as blue and black, 38% as white and gold and 12% as neither (yes, we’re total analytics nerds) – and one color-blind executive who shall remain nameless just wondered what all the fuss was about. We weren’t the only ones – brands had a field day on Twitter. David Hur shared this article which further explains the science behind the phenomenon.

Okay, I know we’ve heard enough about the anti-vaccine movement, but I can’t help to share this Jimmy Kimmel video that went viral this weekend. It’s hysterical and smart. And a little NSFW.

The first human head transplant may be possible within two years, which is sure to be followed by some hilarious SNL skits.

New research points to genetic causes for chronic fatigue syndrome, which could change diagnosis and treatment as well as ease stigma around the disease.

If you’re planning a trip to Ikea soon – or if you’ve been in Ikea for weeks because you can’t figure out how to leave – check out the new wireless charging offerings for sale including lamps and tables that allow you to just place your device on it for a charge.

Major bummers of the day: leprosy is back; the issue of eating disorders among men is neglected; suicide rates among older adults are rising; ebola was almost halted but has made a comeback. Let’s go back to talking about the dress.

Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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