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The Scoop – Empowered Patients Changing Guidelines | Senior Tech Adopters | Harry Potter Glasses March 4, 2015

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This is an amazing story – a group of cancer survivors were able to participate in changing the treatment guidelines by organizing a recommendation based on their own experiences. We’re seeing the empowered patient participate in all aspects of healthcare at this point, but I think this is a first. Thank you to John with Inspire (included in the article) for sharing this story.

Yes, seniors are tech adopters and yes, they want to access healthcare services online, confirms an Accenture survey. 3.9 million Americans are turning 65 this year. “Sixty seven percent of seniors want to access healthcare service from home, although 66 percent of seniors do not think current available technology is sufficient for them to do so,” reports mobihealthnews in an article about the survey.

Guroo is a new website that shows actual cost of medical procedures and tests. Thanks to Andrew Richardson Supervisor, Insights & Analytics for this story.

It’s not exactly Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak, but these new glasses will keep facial recognition software from tagging you.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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