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The Scoop – The Permanence of Media | The Caregiver’s Dilemma | Big Screen iPad March 6, 2015

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Reporting on Snapchat’s new media portal, Discover, MediaPost makes an incredibly interesting point regarding Gutenberg’s invention of movable type that could change the way you look at your next campaign plan: Discover, they explain, “functions as a media portal, allowing publishers  to curate a daily mix of short-form content. What makes this particular portal special is a design approach that focuses on the immediate and the ephemeral…. Since the advent of movable type, and well before, the point of media was permanence and pervasiveness. You took the time to publish something because you wanted as many people to consume it for as long as possible. Self-destructing content is antithetical to that spirit.” This point is halfway true. Yes, permanence was important, but also important was that with Gutenberg’s invention, content could be replicated and thus more easily shared. So sharing is still happening, but some of it is trending toward impermanence. So, what do you think? Does that make it more or less valuable, more or less influential?

I was riveted by this Wall Street Journal story which tells the story of a drug in clinical trials that could give children with a rare disease a longer life, but potentially also damage their hearing. It shows the thought process of the parents, how they weigh choices and what they prioritize when making hard decisions about their children’s health.

Rumors abound about a large-screen iPad, but some say it will not be among what is announced in Monday’s press event – more likely it will be the Apple Watch.

Virtual reality device creators have one more obstacle to hurdle – the devices tend to make some users feel nauseated. If they don’t fix that completely before launch, they run the risk of killing the market.

Facebook is changing how it counts Likes for business pages to not include those from people who are deceased or don’t have Facebook accounts. Go ahead, chew on that for the weekend.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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