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The Scoop – FDA Approves Biosimilar | Apple’s Big Event | Real Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying March 9, 2015

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On Friday FDA approved the first biosimilar.

A big Apple press event is today and popular speculation is that it will be the launch of the Apple Watch. On the sidelines health experts are lamenting that the intentions for the device for health have already died, even before launch. Here’s how to live-stream today’s event.

Infographic of the day: everything you’ve wanted to know about real time bidding.

CMO of the world’s largest advertiser, P&G, explains in an interview why they utilize programmatic buying: “he reason why is that it creates more value. It creates value for the consumers, and therefore creates value for the publisher and for the advertisers/brands. It enables you to more precisely target, and do it at a very valuable price, and then get a nice business lift from it.”

Data scientists, including the one profiled in a new book, are being included in medical faculty as critical complements to HCPs and researchers for the value they provide in crunching the numbers that can help unlock health mysteries.

Smart and timely ad campaign of the day: the Salvation Army uses the viral popularity of #TheDress to raise awareness of domestic violence. Thanks to Manager, Customer Development & Operations Lindsay Dinan for this story.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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