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The Scoop – Apple’s ResearchKit | Facial Recognition in Advertising | Google Glossary March 11, 2015

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Now that we’ve had a day or so to breathe after the Apple Watch launch, let’s take a look at how it could impact health. ResearchKit is Apple’s new open-source platform for medical research, launched in the shadow of the Watch on Monday. Mobihealthnews reports that it “…integrates with Apple’s previously launched health data exchange HealthKit. Apple has already begun working with about a half dozen healthcare systems to create specific disease research apps,” while TechCrunch focuses on its diagnostic potential. Another mobihealthnews article explains that ResearchKit aims to help “researchers build medical apps and more easily recruit patients for clinical trials and other research projects.” Thanks to a number of Scoop readers for sending these articles.

Use of tech in advertising win of the day: another interesting campaign for domestic violence prevention, this one utilizing facial recognition software to drive home the point that it can be helped if people pay attention. A digital billboard with an image of a woman shows her bruises healing only if it detects the faces of those in the audience.

Joining Urban Dictionary in the list of critical tools for when you just don’t know what someone’s talking about, we now have the Google glossary, explaining terms like abandonment, conversion and property. Thanks to baller Insights & Analytics Supervisor Andrew Richardson for this story, he’s legit.

From the point of view of a doctor comes a very interesting glimpse into one aspect of their day to day – to some, they can never do right, to others, they’re miracle workers. The reason, she explains, is because the former come to her at the beginning of an illness or sprain when the worst is yet to come and the latter come just as it’s gotten to its worst and will only get better. So, how to please both?

A new type of breast cancer screening may offer more accurate results than mammogram for some women.

– Carly Kuper, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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