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The Scoop – Health @ SxSW | Iron Man Prosthetic | VR to Experience Real Life March 16, 2015

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Hope you enjoyed this weekend’s photos from SxSW Interactive on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, brought to you by EVP Media Eugene Lee. Austin is famous for its “Keep Austin Weird” campaign, and brands at SxSW are taking full advantage – do something fittingly strange, connect it to your brand, and enjoy the 15 minutes of social media fame. One company doing it well is Squirl, a reading app that sent people dressed in squirrel costumes around the city to sit and read. Well, they got us at least. There was also an anti-robot protest, which many think was also a publicity stunt, perhaps for the movie Ex Machina, which launched at SxSW Film and had a provocative Tinder campaign. Of course, some things are still just about fun. Happy to report that healthcare has also made SxSW a launch venue, with more of a health presence than ever before. Continue to keep your eyes on social media #CMIEvo for more.

Oh this is so super cool – a creator of low-cost, high-functioning prosthetics made an arm for a 7-year-old fashioned after Iron Man, and had Robert Downey Jr. present it to him. Adorbs. Thanks to our Christo Rey intern Jada for this story.

And Samsung, once again, is killin’ it with emotion-laced campaigns that show the power of their technology. A father working far from home experiences – not watches, not listens – but experiences the birth of his child utilizing virtual reality software. This joins a promotion in Turkey (from last week’s Scoop) launching software to help the hearing impaired. Tear-jerkers, all.

Happy 30th Birthday, .com.

– Carly Kuper, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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