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The Scoop – Digital Tops for Millennials | Male Nurses Paid More | Cancer Documentary March 25, 2015

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Digital content is tops for Millennials, according to a new poll, with MediaPost reporting that they are watching “11.3 hours of free online video and 10.8 hours of subscription online video weekly, nearly twice the time reported for free online TV offerings from broadcast and cable networks (6.4 hours,) or 8.3 for regularly scheduled TV.  More important, says the report, 96% of those surveyed say they watch online video, 57% watch free online TV, and 56% watch recorded TV with no differences across the age range.” Thanks to CMIO Susan Dorfman for this story.

OH MAN – a study that is sure to create some conflict among the nursing community shows a significant salary gap between genders. LA Times reports that there’s “a $5,148 salary gap that effectively discriminates against women, who make up the vast majority of the nursing workforce, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Assn.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning book Cancer: Emperor of All Maladies is now a Ken Burns-produced 6-hour TV documentary created with support of Katie Couric and Stand Up to Cancer. It will begin airing March 30 on PBS.

Men are now being targeted for osteoporosis treatments, as one in four are expected to develop the condition. Ketul Shah, Director Insights & Analytics, shared for Scoop: The Wall Street Journal reported that the bone-thinning disease will cause 25% of men aged 50 years old or older to break a bone, a disease that will affect more men than prostate cancer. Women have a 50% chance of breaking bones because of the disease.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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