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The Scoop – EHR and eRx Learnings | Off-Label Messaging | FDA’s Speedy Approvals March 26, 2015

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You might be feeling a little down today, due to Zayn leaving One Direction, but there are ways to cope.

A team of my colleagues have descended upon the mecca that is CBI’s EHR & eRx conference, and are compiling great takeaways to share. Here’s a sneak peek (with thanks to CMIO Susan Dorfman and Media Director Brian Cunningham):

  • 80% of HCPs are using an EHR, but that does not mean they are using them with 100% of their patients
  • 80% of HCPs saying they are enhancing patient care, 33% say resources available improve Rx
  • 85% of HCPS ePrescribing, and 2 billion Rxs projected on eRx by 2016 – and that is likely the tipping point
  • 420-500 concrete EHR platforms today,  Top 20 have 70% SOM, but no single platform has more than 10% SOM (Dr. First actually said that EHR count is closer 1200)

Old concept – Brand message on EHR

New concept – VALUE-Based! What is the utility for using EHR to improve quality of care – insights, education and support inside the point of prescription: Facilitate better science; Facilitate better access

MM&M reports that a proposal in discussion could allow some sharing of off-label use by pharma; the article points out “A study published in JAMA in 2006 estimates that 20% of US prescriptions are off-label. Other studies suggest that 80% of prescriptions for children are off-label and that off-label prescriptions tend to be written more in certain categories, such as oncology and pain management, according to an abstract published in the Duke Law Journal in December. The authors of the Duke study cited other research that found ‘15% of all drug uses lack scientific support for efficacy and more than 70% of off-label uses lack significant scientific support.’” Thanks to Phillip Katz, Manager Insights & Analytics for this story.

FDA, previously criticized for a slow drug approval process, is on track to approve the same number or more drugs as in last year’s record high.

A Wall Street Journal article sure to be passed around gives guidelines on when consumers should question generics.

A new report shows that only 45% of people with Alzheimer’s have been informed of their diagnosis by their doctor.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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