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The Scoop – EHRs Today | Mobile Search to Engage | UBM’s Big Deal March 27, 2015

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One Direction news dominated today, making it a bit more challenging than usual to work on today’s Scoop. Back in my day, boy bands stayed together until it was good and weird. I’m just sayin’, Zayn. Anyway. Happy Friday, folks, and congrats on making it through the week. I have another sweet sneek peek of our full coverage of the CBI EHR & eRx conference, this is from SVP Media Beth Barron who shares that: for me the main takeaway was that EHRs should no longer be thought of as just a tactic within our digital plans. This space has emerged as a unique channel for us to strategically plan independent from traditional media. Therefore we can’t rely on standard advertising opportunities such as banners or text links to reach HCPs effectively in this channel. Showcasing the product value proposition throughout the patient journey while supporting our HCPs within their daily workflow is key for our clients to succeed.

Google owns a significant portion of mobile search, even greater a percentage than its ownership of desktop search, reports Wall Street Journal. Its market share is even underestimated by top analysts; “For example, according to the document, Google estimated its market share at between 69% and 84% during a period when comScore put it at 65%.” That said, app usage takes up a significant amount of mobile users’ time, illustrating why Facebook and Google are such fierce rivals. For more on the importance of mobile search to engage audiences, see our POV from last week.

UBM plc this week announced the formation of UBM Life Sciences, a new product group which brings together medical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary brands from UBM Advanstar and UBM Medica, and the Nutritional Outlook brand from UBM Canon. The new business will operate within the UBM Americas division. As you may remember, in late Q4 2014, UBM PLC purchased Advanstar Communications a major step in UBM’s transition from a diverse media group to an events-focused company.  Thanks to Lauren Yeager, Director, Strategic Alliances, for this story.

Innovation and the startup mentality has expanded to payors as evidenced with Oscar Health; Senior Associate, Media Operations Anne Golden-Vazquez alerted me to this, explaining: They are a new health insurance company (right now only available in NYC and NJ) aiming to change the insurance industry. They are focused on fast customer interaction, including 24/7 free phone calls with doctors, a tool that shows what a particular doctor visit or medical condition will cost them, and brining technology into the fold with the Misfit Flash, a wearable that can sync with the Oscar app and get rewards via Amazon gift cards for good health. All in effort to simplify and reduce overall healthcare costs. Anne also mentioned that many celebrities are promoting this option.

The solution to one of tech’s most troubling puzzles may be the same solution to my college roommate’s dating issues: a fake nose.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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