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The Scoop – National Doctors’ Day | eMetrics and Mobile Stats | Turning Data to Conversions March 30, 2015

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Maybe because today is National Doctors’ Day, we’ve got a lot of good stuff to start off the week. Keep your eyes on our Twitter feed starting today, as we have a team on the scene at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco (including an extra special Wednesday as two of our experts are presenting – more on that later in the week.)

New features from Google can help refine data and turn it into conversions. In a new POV, our search experts show how these changes will affect you and what pharma marketers should do about it.

A PhIMA panel on mobile March 26 (for those not in the Philly area – PhIMA is a top local industry group with several of our experts on its board) featured Google’s David Blair; Media Planner Jessica Crowley shared these takeaways:

Fun Mobile Facts

  • 162 minutes a day are spent on mobile devices
    • 86% of that time is spent within mobile apps and 44% on mobile browser
    • 70% of mobile searches lead to an action

The Future of Mobile and Healthcare

  • Sharecare, a health and wellness engagement platform, recently launched an app called “Living in the Green” which uses voice analysis to help patients increase self-awareness, improve relationships, and enjoy better health which builds on a frictionless approach to healthcare
  • 20 of 33 countries are piloting tele-medicine
    • In 2016, Qualcomm will create the first hospital that employs 200 doctors and have zero hospital beds; doctor-patient communication will solely be through the mobile device

It’s nearly unthinkable – which is why it must be discussed – when teens have terminal illnesses, those around them are still hesitant to talk about death, but a new trend puts the discussion front and center so their wishes can be carried out.

In today’s wearables market it’s form AND function – they need to work well and look good, or consumers won’t buy.

The new Ken Burns Cancer documentary airs tonight on PBS at 9 pm – unfortunately at the same time as Justin Beiber’s Comedy Central Roast. If you’re watching let me know.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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