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The Scoop – IAB Mobile Marketplace | A Doctor’s Rituals | Mental Illness Stigma March 31, 2015

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Mobile is red hot, and yesterday’s IAB Mobile Marketplace conference – as Gazelle Afshari, Director of Supplier Partner Relations, shared – brought together all types of industry players—Agencies, Clients, Publishers, Tech Companies, etc.  Gazelle’s top takeaways from the day.

There was a theme amongst many speakers about the fact that it is NOT digital first or even mobile first…it’s think PEOPLE-First.

–Mark Trefgarne, Product Director at Facebook shared: People-based marketing focuses on:

  • Fundamental shift from cookies to users
  • Examining cross-device usage
  • Helping to bridge gap between online and off-line thru deeper analysis
  • Accurately and confidentially measured metrics

–George Ivie, CEO of the Medi Ratings Council, shared some candid thoughts from his organization saying no organization has been accredited for mobile viewability as the MRC have NOT even developed its mobile standards yet. He was quoted as saying, “It is going to take us a little while before mobile viewability standardization is made. We are still examining the nature of how the user interacts on mobile.”  Rumors are that MRC will not likely release those standards until the end of the year.

–Creative for mobile is critical for success. Ad optimization for mobile should be focused on taking the data collected and marrying it with dynamic creatives that can be customized to enhance the user experience with the content. Static banner ads are a thing of the past. Matevz Klanjesek of Celtra shared advertising has gone from focusing on creativity in the past to ad technology today. He says advertisers need a balance of both. So… how can we get the creativity back?

  • Better presenting the message (better user experience utilizing dynamic ad units such as reactive pull and interscrollers.
  • Optimizing the message (have data help drive the right message – incorporating other factors like demographics, location, weather, etc.)

A doctor writes sweetly on how rituals – tucking in his 6 year old son, washing his hands before and after seeing patients – keep monsters at bay.

Some experts are concerned about increased stigma around mental illness in reaction to the news that the German co-pilot of the recently crashed jetliner was suffering from psychiatric issues and had previously attempted suicide.

A bipartisan alliance will help fix some flaws to the healthcare law regarding Medicare reimbursement, and is expected to pass quickly.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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