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The Scoop – No Fooling April 1, 2015

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It’s April Fools’ Day, the hardest day of the year to bring you The Scoop. Which of this news is true? Which is fake? Does George Clooney really want to come to my house this afternoon? One thing’s for sure – Leanne Smith, Director Insights & Analytics and Jose Ferreira, Executive Director Customer Insights, will be presenting today at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco. So keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and #CMIEvo for real-time updates. And that’s no joke. Takeaways from yesterday’s conference day one are below.

JAMA, you are so silly you sillypants! The journal published a real study in honor of April Fools’ Day to see if an apple a day really keeps the doctor away. Spoiler alert: not really.

Who else is silly? Google. Samsung. Google. Rajapack. Google. Microsoft. And – ok here’s everything Google did.

SEO Analyst David Hur shares a colorful update on Google’s (real) knowledge graph: Google has been providing mobile search colored line breaks in their regular search results, but they have now moved further into coloring knowledge graphs.  Traditionally, knowledge graphs displayed data related to a topic that has enough content surrounding it in a tabular format on the right side of desktop search results (i.e., Steve Jobs).  Google has moved this concept onto mobile search results, but added a touch of flavor in the way the knowledge graphs have colors.  There is currently no explained exact science to what colors associate with what results and there does not seem to be any set pattern at this time (Steve Jobs is purple, Tom Cruise is grey, Marissa Mayer is light blue, David Letterman is both dark red and blue, etc). This can be another way Google gathers data and displays it in a way that users can locate the content they seek more quickly, as the colors provide a visual aid and eventual conditioning to make users expect a certain color to associate with a certain piece of content. It doesn’t look like this applies to pharma companies yet, but I figure it’s only a matter of time.  It made me think about how HCPs and/or consumers will begin to associate a color with any of our brands, which may have to start designing their websites to match those knowledge graph colors to provide a stronger user experience.

As promised, here are some key takeaways from the first day of the eMetrics Summit, provided by to Leanne Smith:

Overall I would say the underlying theme of the conference is focused on ways to elevate your data and analysis beyond ‘typical’ metrics.

Jim Sterne, founder of the DAA and the eMetrics summit, kicked off with a keynote focusing on data privacy, raising questions about who the data belongs to and how you can try and control it.  He emphasized that what is a corporate policy question today will quickly become a public policy question.  My favorite insight from the talk was about a company that will provide you with a ‘free’ view into your DNA, but use the information gathered and sell it to advertisers.  Imagine the implications for healthcare and pharma!

In a presentation by Laura Patterson, President of Visionedge marketing, she emphasized the need for analysts to start with understanding the business questions at hand. She delved into the need to combine data from different data sources to get a full picture including:

  1. Customer demographic, psychographic data
  2. Customer spend and financial data
  3. Customer interaction and engagement data (how they interact, when, how often, through which channels)
  4. Customer consumption and usage data (how are they using what they bought)
  5. Customer relationship data (satisfaction loyalty, advocacy, sentiment related data)

She also discussed the need to move from being the analyst to being the storyteller, and provide actionable insights.

Her presentation got me excited as Jose and I will be demonstrating how CMI does all of this via our Planning 3.0 strategy in our “Full Body Scan” presentation!

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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