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The Scoop – MRC Open Letter | Potential of Health Data | Ancient Remedies Today April 2, 2015

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Yesterday as promised, Leanne Smith, Director Insights & Analytics and Jose Ferreira, Executive Director Customer Insights, presented at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco. Were you watching our Twitter feed and #CMIEvo for real-time updates? Today will be bringing more goodies – and our 10,000th tweet. My favorite from yesterday came from Andrew Richardson, Supervisor, Insights & Analytics: Find out what customers are ACTUALLY saying, not what you THINK they might be saying.

Leanne also shared some interesting news on the viewability front: an open letter was published from the ANA, 4As and IAB regarding measurement, in response to an article written last week by George Ivie, the CEO of the MRC.  The open letter is in support of the MRC and the need to continue development of the ability to measure the viewable impression across devices and platforms. In his article Mr. Ivie recognizes that buyers and sellers will likely negotiate more demanding conditions across a number of criteria to help elevate the viewable impression.  However, his point is that there are many factors that are beyond the Viewable impression such as brand strategy, ad messaging, organization of the ad, etc. that are not something that one can standardize. He reiterates that standard measurement effectiveness will vary, and a viewable impression maybe just one factor.  This is the same stance that CMI/Compas is taking.  We are taking a strong stance on viewability as we believe it is important in order to build awareness, however we will also recognize other factors that represent success of a campaign and take those into consideration when appropriate. Mr. Ivie’s letter also addresses the discrepancy among vendors measuring viewability.  He reiterates that the MRC has been engaged with understanding these differences, and that the gap between vendors has been decreasing, showing more consistent results. Send me an email if you’d like a copy of our whitepaper on viewability.

An excellent article on the power of connecting patients to their health information profiles one patient who used his own powerful resources (he’s a doctoral student at MIT) and connections to his health data to aid his HCP team in diagnosing and treating a brain tumor. This is certainly an unusual best-case scenario, but points to what could be possible if the current patient/HCP/EHR walls come down.

On a lark, scientists turned to ancient texts to see if the remedies within would work today. The results were somewhat surprising – a thousand-year-old remedy for infection seemed to still work today. It’s possible these old sources could help modern R&D. Thanks to Senior Marketing Data Analyst Christine L. Hardy for this article.

What was your favorite April Fools’ joke from yesterday? Think Geek did it again with pretend products we wish were real.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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