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The Scoop – DTC Week | Facebook DNA App | Skin Cancer Boom April 6, 2015

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This is a super exciting week for Scoop – in honor of the DTC Conference (featuring EVP Media Eugene Lee speaking on DTC and technology) we’ll be bringing you insights that will make your brain happy. comScore’s latest whitepaper, U.S. Digital Future in Focus, shares critical insights around consumer behavior. Our consumer lead Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media, combed through to share the following sweet nuggets just for Scoop readers – and we’ll have some every day this week. Here’s today’s insights:

  • Digital isn’t going away instead it continues to grow exponentially as platforms collide, existing business models are disrupted and mobile as the primary access point is today’s reality – while at the same time desktop isn’t declining
  • As in recent years, multi-screen and multi-platform is the media environment we live in and as a result the digital pie is only getting bigger
  • As shared in CMI’s Environment Scan presentation from last spring/summer, mobile apps have become the gateway to the web and are rapidly becoming the primary access point for many digital services
  • Media consumption includes most consumers are indeed multi-platform especially A18-35 and A35-54

DNA: there’s an app for that. Researchers at University of Michigan are conducting research via Facebook app called Genes for Good that explores genetics. Participants who fill out a survey could learn more about their genetic connections while also contributing to UofM research.

Speaking of gene research – there’s an interesting result of the popularity of inexpensive gene sequencing – some baby boomers are learning they were adopted, but more than that, learning they were part of a black market baby-selling scheme that would otherwise have never been discovered.

The rise of skin cancer in the UK today may be the result of the popularity of inexpensive beach vacations of the 1960s.

This is goofy but fun – for the upcoming HIMSS conference, leaders in the space came up with a playlist (aka mix tape) that represents what they’re expecting from the event.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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