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The Scoop – DTC Week | AdMission Lead Innovation | Apple Watch and Pharma April 7, 2015

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The DTC Conference kicks off today – get your real-time updates by following EVP Managing Director Eugene Lee on Twitter.

We are excited to announce our programmatic buying platform AdMission has been honored as a top innovation by PharmaVOICE. AdMission is the nation’s only active platform to consistently reach and deliver messages to target HCPs in their daily digital environment, maximizing the effectiveness of a brand’s campaign and eliminating wasted spend with full transparency and enhanced ad verification.

Here’s today’s takeaways from comScore’s latest whitepaper, U.S. Digital Future in Focus, from our consumer lead Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media:

  • 48% of consumers’ desktop time is related to health information with 52% on mobile for health
  • The fastest rising mobile apps are Lyft, a competitor to Uber at 835%, Tinder the dating app 737% and Uber at 440% — consumers are showing they like digital connections to the physical world in transportation and dating!
  • Android and Apple OS dominate and now most developers are creating for these operating systems

Should pharma care about Apple Watch? Definitely – here’s 5 reasons why; not just because of its focus on health, but because it could finally close the loop of fitness wearables and total health, and because it brings health into the Internet of Things. Apple yesterday sent a video walking us through the features of the Apple Watch, and calling it their most personalized product yet, “because you wear it.” The big question is who will be first to post a parody video? SNL? The Onion? Anyway, if you’ve been hoping for a quick view of the product, this is it. K fine, I totally want one.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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