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The Scoop – DTC Week | What Makes Consumers Tick | What’s New with Medicaid April 8, 2015

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Yesterday marked the first day of the DTC Conference, and EVP Managing Director Eugene Lee shared:

Today was about how today’s patient is more engaged in their health.  There are many reasons this is happening but two that were discussed are: patients have more information than ever at their fingertips and the shift in healthcare plans where many are on a high deductible, so they become more motivated to understand what treatment options they have.  A physician panel spoke about how pharma could help with providing more quality content to patients.  The physicians like having a more informed patient and one who asks questions.  One big challenge and area of improvement for pharma is getting better at taking a complex message and making it simple for the patient.

Tracy Smith, Executive Director, Customer Development, is also on the scene and shared these tidbits:

With high deductible plans being chosen more than any others, consumers are more cost conscious that they have ever been…they also want value.

  • Consumers are looking for opinions of people they trust – other consumers – to give them honest, accurate information about healthcare choices and treatment options
  • Consumers will pay more for a drug if they think it has value
  • “The engaged patient is the blockbuster drug of the century” -Leonard Kish
  • Consumers are more informed and educated than ever before and demand transparency from their doctors, hospitals, etc.
  • When the patient is more engaged with their healthcare, their health costs are lower
  • Consumers live in a multi-channel world and pharma companies must be everywhere
  • Pharma and healthcare companies are partnering with and need to partner with non-pharma companies that are trusted by consumers including retail, travel and technology companies
  • com believes that openness is for real and is a good thing, listening is easier than ever before and data is good

Continue to follow Eugene’s real-time #dtcn15 highlights today on Twitter.

Here’s today’s takeaways from comScore’s latest whitepaper, U.S. Digital Future in Focus, from our consumer lead Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media:

  • Social continues to be strong with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and many are testing out new ad opportunities and quickly shifting to further down the funnel such as Pinterest’s “buy” button indicating additional ways to monetize the platform as well as connect consumers to additional actions such as a purchase
  • Video is still on the rise and YT remains #1 with Vevo music @YT having a strong UU base
  • Viewability is a HOT topic with on 46% of digital ads being viewable
  • In ’14 ad fraud and NHT became huge issues across the industry and our agency is rolling out strict standards for the benefit of our clients
  • Search continues to grow with Google dominating and desktop search has declined marginally as mobile search has grown

WSJ reports: “Medicaid recipients who get services through managed care organizations or alternative benefit plans would get the same access to mental health and substance-abuse benefits as provided by private health plans, under a rule proposed Monday by the Obama administration.”

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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