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The Scoop – DTC Week | Act Bold | Malia’s Asthma | Media Vitals Question Time April 9, 2015

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Today I am heading to DC to be live on the scene for the final day of the DTC Conference – featuring EVP Managing Director Eugene Lee on a panel about the future of technology. You can see my stream-of-consciousness experience on Twitter (and if anyone’s wearing something fabulous, then on Instagram as well.) Eugene’s updates: Day 2 at DTC was focused on case studies from the use to celebrities in marketing to how to get your campaign to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  A set of very common themes throughout today were:

  • Humanizing messages to consumers
  • Strive to do better storytelling and creating a stronger emotional connection
  • Know your customer, especially in a multicultural market 
  • Be authentic and empathetic in your marketing

Editor in Chief of MediaPost Bob Garfield lit the proverbial fire under our butts by saying that in consumer marketing Pharma is changing, but not “rigorously or vigorously enough.”  His point was that pharma is so used to using the same methods, what he called the hammer (aka. pharma’s marketing tool of choice), where we just pound messages down to consumers.  He might have also dropped an f-bomb or two to emphasize his point.

Tracy Smith, Executive Director, Customer Development shared her day 2 takeaways:

-Brands need to be more authentic – more real

-DTC campaigns should try to connect with patients with patient testimonials

-Pharma companies should highlight the human experience when marketing to patients

-Emotional marketing and creating authentic human connections should be key in DTC campaigns

-Be real, be human, we’re all human – emotionally connect

-Celebrities help grow DTC brands because they create an emotional connection, they propel awareness and increase sales

-Celebrities help deliver measurable results to DTC campaigns

-“Thing big.  Act bold.” – Quita Highsmith, Franchise Head (Tamiflu) at Genentech

-“Be honest and true to patients” – Stephanie Wenstrup, Marketing Director Oral Diabetes Brands (Farxiga), AstraZeneca

-Pharma companies should use empathy and real patients in DTC campaigns to connect with other patients

Here’s today’s takeaways from comScore’s latest whitepaper, U.S. Digital Future in Focus, from our consumer lead Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media:

  • Trends to watch c/o comScore+:
    • Viewability moves closer to becoming currency and better aligns dollars with impact
    • App Curation improves discovery, expands the market
    • The rise of short-form video ad demands new set of creative skills à can pharma adopt to :05-:10 vide ads? Perhaps unbranded only…
    • Social moves down the funnel with “buy” button

Relationships are core to our business, and it’s critical that we show our clients how important they are to us. To that end, in his latest column written by Justin Freid, VP Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media discusses how high that bar should be – anyone who’s worked with Justin knows that’s pretty dang high.

Malia Obama’s asthma attacks as a preschooler prompted dad to get serious about climate change.

Our award winning Media Vitals research is about to kick off for 2015 – and now is your chance to weigh in with a question you’d like to have included. If you have a question you’d love posed to hundreds of doctors across two dozen specialties, please send it by Monday April 13 to Jose Ferreira, Exec. Director Customer Insights, at

Mark your calendars! This time next week – April 16 at 8:30, SVP Media Paulette McCarron is the featured speaker at the AMM monthly meeting. The topic is “The Pharma World, Through Time, Relevance and Prescribing” and it is going to be AWESOME. If you absolutely can’t make it, we will be sharing in real-time on Twitter.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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