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The Scoop – DTC Week | Trends to Watch| #Mobilegeddon April 10, 2015

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Yesterday concluded the DTC National Conference and, as promised, Carly shares her takeaways here:

Think about your own life as it is today. If you suddenly had to take medication, would you remember to? What might keep you from taking it? What would make you choose a brand over a generic? This is all part of the human connection that brands must keep in mind. Audio was shared of a mom explaining that yes, she’d been hospitalized that afternoon but no, she didn’t take the medication because her child at that moment needed a drink of water so she was distracted –both shocking and deeply obvious. Life happens. Going beyond the pill means helping families manage the things in their lives that affect adherence.

Some of the best nuggets shared by panelists were:

  • You need to know your customer really, really well and be in all of the places that are appropriate to them.
  • There’s science about dopamine release that shows people remember information shared via “stories.” Share the patient perspective and share that emotion. 
  • “Utility” will be the new marketing channel for brands.  
  • Don’t disappoint. People will bounce if their expectation isn’t met. 
  • Starbucks just announced they’re a tech company, and they’re doing things to make the customer experience great – we need to do those things too as an industry. 
  • Extreme example of brand loyalty – drug stops working and patient still wants to stay on it because he made a personal connection with people at the company 
  • You either change with what’s happening now or you don’t, but social and mobile and storytelling is not innovation – it’s what is happening now. If you don’t evolve, someone else will come up with a better idea and take it to a new place. 
  • Wearables data must be connected back to HCPs in a way that’s meaningful. How many steps you took yesterday doesn’t mean much to your doctor. 
  • We’re talking about a world of silos. Data’s not as connected as it should be. As brands, let’s help create those connections to provide a resource of info that patients are thirsting for and connect that into the physician. It’s all there, but we need to connect the pipes between silos. 
  • 65+ patients are online and they are interested in the health conversation. But we shouldn’t walk away from the offline convo. There are still opportunities there. This group has a lot of concern about privacy so it’s important to address that.

More good stuff for you here, this time from comScore’s latest whitepaper U.S. Digital Future in Focus brought to us by our consumer lead Adam Scott Roberts, SVP Media:

  • Trends to watch c/o comScore+ (continued):
    • Native ads scale to accelerate mobile ad monetization
    • Lines blur between tech and content bring new challenges, opportunities
    • Cross-platform video measurement takes critical steps from dream to reality
    • Media content focus shifts to quality and Long Form attention gets more attention
    • The next era of innovation… bridging the digital and physical worlds -> wearables/data exhaust/could spur innovation

SEO Supervisor Mike Ranalli shares, “Google has been talking about its mobile algorithm for almost 2 years now, and we’re officially days away. The Twitter hashtag #Mobilegeddon has been under scrutiny by the SEO community with concerns that the new algorithm update can impact brands not leveraging mobile versions of their website. For teams with brands not using responsive design or standalone mobile sites, check out these articles by Moz and Search Engine Land, and reference our recent POV to make the transition.”

There is not yet enough evidence to show if DIM can treat or prevent cancer, but researchers are continuing to study the effects.

Everyone has heard about the Apple watch, but who actually wants one? If you’re wearing one, we’d love your feedback.

Remember, our award winning Media Vitals research is about to kick off for 2015. Now is your chance to weigh in with a question you’d like to have included about how prescribers consume media. If you have a question you’d love posed to hundreds of doctors across two dozen specialties, please send it by Monday April 13 to Jose Ferreira, Exec. Director Customer Insights, at

Enjoy your day and the weekend.

– Amanda Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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