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The Scoop – AMM Meeting Pharma Through Time | Allergies | Cord Nevers April 14, 2015

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Mark your calendars! This Thursday April 16 at 8:30, SVP Media Paulette McCarron is the featured speaker at the AMM monthly meeting. The topic is “The Pharma World, Through Time, Relevance and Prescribing” and it is going to be AWESOME. If you absolutely can’t make it, we will be sharing in real-time on Twitter.

If you work on seasonal allergy brands take note – we’re entering a particularly tough year.

We’ve heard of cord cutters – they cancel their cable in favor of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But there’s a new term: cord nevers. You guessed it – they’ve never subscribed to cable at all, and are growing up in this new media world. Wall Street Journal highlights five top things to know about this trend, including that some cable companies are working hard to get them back into the fold by bundling their packages in new ways.

It’s like an Instagram for doctors – the Figure 1 app lets HCPs share photos of their patients (in a protected environment) so they can compare and get help on diagnoses. Thanks to Tracy Smith, Executive Director, Customer Development for this story.

The first human head transplant – for a man whose body is suffering from a degenerative disease – is planned soon in Italy. Thanks to a few Scoop readers who sent me this story, wondering if it was for real.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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