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The Scoop – Why Knuckles Crack | Pharma Through Time | WebMD’s Apple Watch App April 16, 2015

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As you’re reading this, SVP Media Paulette McCarron is the featured speaker at the AMM monthly meeting. The topic is “The Pharma World, Through Time, Relevance and Prescribing” and you can see the highlights on Twitter.

Foresight win of the day: WebMD is ready with an Apple Watch app, in advance of next week’s launch. The adherence app will remind patients to stick with their treatments. Nice job.

Metaphor of the day: the ketchup moment. You know how you bang a bottle of ketchup for a while (on the 57 usually?) and nothing happens, but then finally it all comes out? That’s what one expert says is happening with mobile. It should be now seen as the first screen. So ketchup (har har) and optimize your media.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is using mobile health clinics to reach homeless and at-risk children in the area.

Sales of cameras has increased over the years, but if you factor in smartphones as cameras (because seriously) the picture changes – literally. Knowing every single member of your target audience has a camera in their pocket, does that change how you think about marketing to them?

AETNA is piloting campaigns that have the LGBT community as the target.

Twitter’s new homepage design puts the focus on content by bucketing topics.

The newest Jawbone UP will offer the ability to use it to make payments via a partnership with AmEx..

Scientists wondering why knuckles crack used MRI to find out. It’s vacuum cavities forming in the synovial fluid of the joint, obviously.

Customer service win of the day: today Wawa is having a customer appreciation day – free coffee to all! If you didn’t get your free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s on Tuesday, this is your chance to make amends. (Believe it or not, several Scoop readers sent me this news. Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.)

Thanks to Karima Sharif and Eugene Lee for sharing a few of today’s Scoop articles.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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