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The Scoop – Ad Viewability Webinar | Google Knowledge Graph Updates | Alzheimer’s Disease Cause April 20, 2015

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Mark your calendars for a VIP – that’s very important panel – webinar coming up April 29, 1-2 pm – you can register here. Our own Leanne Smith joins other experts to discuss one of the most important topics affecting our industry today: Ad Viewability.  Bonus – all registrants will receive a free info packet about Ad Viewability which features the CMI/Compas whitepaper.

Are you up on Google’s new Knowledge Graph changes, and how it affects you? Now more than ever it’s important to have an integrated SEM and SEO strategy that shows ads and organic listings that are highly relevant to search queries. Our search experts Andrew Miller Associate Director, Search Engine Marketing and Michael Ranalli, SEO Supervisor explain in this POV.

It’s possible that scientists are honing in on the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. New research published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows promise for development of new treatments. Thanks to Kerry Ryan, Media Supervisor, for this story. Also on the Alzheimer’s disease front – inspired by the movie 50 First Dates – which I admit I really liked – caretakers are making videos for their loved ones that helps them feel connected and safe.

Campaign of the day: Just take 2 minutes to send a message to a child undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – well done, CHOP. (Go ahead, send a message today! I sent my daughter’s favorite joke – if you send a message to a child at CHOP and let me know, I’ll tell you what the joke is.)

If you’re a doctor, and you want to work out of your car, and you live in Mississippi, well that’s okay. Anyone want to make a rep access joke? Joking aside, kudos to this doctor who did everything he could to keep reaching his patient base in a low-income community.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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