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The Scoop – Elmo | Malvertising | Inspiration from the Interwebs April 21, 2015

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Viral video of the day: Elmo and the Surgeon General share the importance of vaccines – but the first thing we noticed was the point of care opportunities throughout. (Relax magazine! “Elmo has information on his computer, Elmo go there.”) Thanks to SVP Media Adam Scott Roberts for this story.

The Google DoubleClick network has been hit with a malvertising campaign. Should you be worried? Nah – our team’s got you covered with world-class protection – tracking these situations and protecting our clients. Thanks to Leanne Smith, Director, Insights and Analytics, for this story.

Look out Apple Watch – the new hot wearable is a real pearl embedded with a microchip that syncs to your phone. You have to see it to believe it. Crazypants. Thanks to Gazelle Afshari, Director, Supplier Partner Relations.

Inspirational story of the day: a 69-year-old grandpa finds out his cancer is terminal. What would you have done? Like Walter White, he wants to make sure his family is supported, and goes back to his second job as an Uber driver to earn the money to pay off his house. His Uber clients found out and started a GoFundMe campaign, which has helped him exceed his goal.

Inspirational story of the day, part 2: a little girl celebrating her birthday once again has no one coming – she has a condition called Sotos syndrome, which causes speech and learning delays as well as other issues. Her mom posts to Facebook a plea for any little girls in the area who would come to her party, expecting 10 at best – and 400 locals show up, including characters from an amusement park, bringing gifts, music, and new friends.

Super awesome robot of the day: from Lou Greisiger, Senior Marketing Program Analyst, who explains There is a robot that uses UV light to disinfect hospital rooms.  This will help fight hospital-acquired infections. It’s already in use in veteran hospitals.  By the way, it has a striking resemblance to R2-D2 from Star Wars… Check out the video in the story.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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