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The Scoop – Kid Stuff | Hello Facebook | 3,000 Apple Watch Apps April 24, 2015

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Hope you enjoyed photos on our Facebook page from yesterday’s Take Your Child to Work Day. My 6 year old said she’d like to work at our company one day, “If I can work in your office and have hot chocolate.” The kids, ages 6-18, learned a lot at our office, especially thanks to the incredible program our HR team put together. But I learned a lot too. Spending the day in my workplace (I’m based in our King of Prussia location) with my 6 year old completely changed how I look at everyday things. I never thought of playing the game where I can only step on the green parts of the floor to get across the office (definitely changes your perspective) or that maybe my office is better than our CEO’s because I have a white board and he doesn’t. But the commute offered some creative time that really opened my eyes. We saw a truck with two ladders, and took turns coming up with reasons why they’d need two ladders rather than one. My favorites were both her ideas – maybe two cats got stuck in a tree at once, or maybe they have a three story house with no stairs. As I learned a long time ago from the Play Doh case study, if you want to think differently spend time with someone who thinks differently. At the end of the day I told her I thought my Friday would be a lot more boring without here there. “School is going to be boring without you, Mommy,” she said, adding, “without Renee too.” So true – you know that too if you’ve gotten to meet our KoP receptionist Renee McKnight. Amazing day, and I can’t wait for next year.

This is…kind of crazypants – a new Facebook app aimed at business users will show people background on who is calling you, even if you don’t have that person’s number saved in your phone. However, it’s only information that the person has previously shared with you on Facebook. Still, it’s an interesting link between the two mediums.

The Apple Watch will be shipping with over 3,000 apps, and many of them are health related.

US digital ad revenue is approaching $50 billion according to a new IAB report. Thanks to Karima Sharif, Exec. Director, Media and Advanced Audience Engagements, for this story.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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